Our Team

Our Team Members

Jim Sideris
Nick Parras
Vice President

Phil Egan

Site Supervisor
Bob Casey
Vice President of Operations
Jeff Reich
Vice President of Business Development
Cindy Garcia
Jason Hitt
Project Manager
Shivani Kumar
Project Manager
Bill DeFina
Site Supervisor
Tom Litzie
Site Supervisor
TJ Southworth
Site Supervisor
Vincent DeFina

Our History

In 2007, after working in the industry for other general contractors, Jim Sideris decided to begin his own commercial general contracting business. He began the process of obtaining licenses in California, Arizona, Nevada and Hawaii. He took on both general contracting and construction management projects working either as a prime or as a contractor to another construction company. As the number of project opportunities and project increase, Mr. Sideris decided to incorporate the business to allow for the continued growth. The company was incorporated under its current operating structure in April 2017. Both Interstate, and when Jim operated the business as a sole proprietor, the business focused solely on commercial opportunities in retail, hotels, restaurants, commercial office and private healthcare. A representative list of projects completed is listed in each of the key employee’s resume.

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